How do I cope with a breakup or divorce?
Personal divorce or breakup coaching can really help you

Are you experiencing the devastating impact of divorce or a relationship breakup?

As a normally together, self-motivated and intelligent person - are you?

Contact Tracey to have a conversation about how she can help you to deal with and tackle your own personal situation, whatever stage you are at.

How I can support, guide and help you:

I want to change the experience of relationship breakups with the power of coaching to make a great plan for you. Let me help you to simplify the process, connect you with who you want to be at your best, and change your experience of breakups and the aftermath.

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Divorce / Personal Breakups

I want to change the experience of relationship breakups with the power of coaching to make a great plan for you. Let me help you to simplify the process, connect you with who you want to be at your best, and change your experience of breakups and the aftermath. Scroll down to read more – Do you need my help?

Business breakups

We can offer individual, pair and team coaching to help you to communicate better and differently to make your business continue to work and grow to achieve the best bottom line in terms of people relationships and finances. Or we can help you to part with respect and minimise conflict.

Career change

Is your working life fit for purpose – want to try something new? Sometimes we need to update our career or change path as life and opportunities change around us. Personal coaching can help you find your new future direction.

About: Tracey Willmott -ACC ABNLP

Tracey provides practical and emotional coaching, support and guidance through life changing situations. This could link to Divorce, personal breakups, business breakups or even a career change. She has developed tools and tactics to help herself and now works with others to help them find their positive future direction. An NLP practitioner and advanced coach with the International Coaching Federation Tracey has delivered business and personal coaching for over 20 years.

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With a wealth of knowledge and experience of guiding others through difficult and often challenging issues, as well as the experience of her own marriage and business breakup, Tracey’s passion for the positive has driven her to set up Future Directions coaching to help people navigate and cope with what at times feels like the impossible.

“Having been a coach for many years, it still didn’t prepare me for my own personal marriage or business breakup. I almost felt paralysed, with my strength and resolve being challenged constantly. I suffered the full roller coaster of emotions literally hour by hour. My own divorce journey included closing the business I ran with my ex. It almost felt like a second divorce in its own right.”

I want to simplify the process and change the experience of life changing situations with the power of coaching; to more easily deal with all the stages and aftermath.

When we come across major changes we can feel confused, lonely and often don’t know which way to turn. We can feel ‘stuck’. Coaching can be a great personal support to help you to take control of your life. Let me be the place to go to, to smooth your journey, helping you to let go of negative conflict and leave you in a confident and happy place. We will work together to guide you to find your own future direction.

Divorce and Personal breakups Do you need my help?

Please read questions below to find out how I can help you!

Need Help

1. Are you sure you want a divorce?

Sometimes you feel like it is the only way forward, other times you worry that this could be your only chance of happiness. Maybe your relationship has fizzled out and you feel the grass may be greener elsewhere entails and want to explore, what it would mean.

2. Your partner has told you they are leaving and your head and heart are spinning and you are left feeling everything is just too much

You may be in a state of shock of just feeling everything is too much. You fear the future and how you will cope without your ex. You are frightened of what lies ahead and need some help to process what has happened, so that you can move forward through the divorce process. You may be looking for answers as to why this has happened.

3. Do you think your divorce or break-up means the end of your world?

Maybe you have been in a long relationship and have lost ‘you’. You can’t see a future without your ex and / or how it is possible to ever be happy and feel fulfilled again. I can help you explore what the future looks like for you and support you with those first steps.

4. Do you need someone to talk to who will give you expert, impartial practical advice?

Your friends and family are well meaning and a great support. The thing is they are emotionally involved themselves so it is difficult for them to be impartial. You need advice/support from someone who understands what you are going through as they have been through a divorce themselves and has already developed a toolkit of strategies that will get you where you need to be, or you are finding it expensive talking to your lawyer about emotional issues.

5. Are you confused and overwhelmed by all the paperwork and legal jargon of the divorce process?

Although as a divorce coach I do not give legal or financial advice, I will help you to get the best team around you to support your needs through your divorce. With a network of contacts to suit every situation, I can help you build a team to get you through the process. I will help you to get clarity on how to work best with your lawyer and help

6. Are your self-esteem and confidence at an all-time low?

You keep asking yourself why this happened to you and what you did wrong to deserve this. Maybe your partner ran off with someone younger and you are dealing with being replaced by a younger model. Maybe you see yourself as unattractive - how anyone else will ever find you attractive? Maybe your confidence is so low you don’t want to go out and can’t face explaining to everyone that you are now going through a break-up or divorce. If any of that is going through your mind, I can work with you to rebuild your confidence and self-esteem.

7. Are you having a high conflict break-up / divorce and are finding it hard to cope?

High conflict divorces can be very draining. You may be struggling to deal with an aggressive and bullying ex. You may be feeling you don’t have the strength to see your divorce through as it is causing you so much stress and strain. It’s impacting on how you parent and your working life too. We can discuss strategies to give you the strength to deal with these challenges

8. Are you fed up of talking about your old life and story and are ready to make some changes? - move on with your life

You have grieved your relationship and are ready to move forward but are stuck as you have lost your own identity – you. You have been co-dependent for so long on your ex that you are unclear on what you really want and where you want to go. You need to plan out your future and get a clear action plan of what you want and how to get it.

9. Are you unsure how to help your children through divorce when you are struggling to cope?

It can be hard to be emotionally strong enough to support your kids through what is a life-changing event in their lives, especially when you are struggling to deal with the break-up. You need some support and strategies and techniques on how to juggle your emotional stress with their needs successfully.

10. Are you ready to start dating again but are unsure how?

You have emotionally detached from your ex – but feel numb and haven’t got a clue how to get out and feel comfortable meeting new people.

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